Food Sampling

Food Sampling

Sampling food products on site
MCEC have sole catering rights for the sales and/or distribution of any article of food or drink for consumption onsite. Use of any external food and beverage provision including sampling must be approved by both the event organiser and MCEC in writing prior to the event, and external supply charges may be applicable. Clients without prior approval will be unable to provide food or beverage onsite.

Sampling food products by exhibitors is permitted providing exhibitors notify Diversified of their intent to sample food/alcohol and ensure they meet local and state government food safety and liquor licensing regulations. Please complete the Food Sampling Form in the exhibitor manual by the due date.

Exhibitors who intend on sampling at the show must also have a Temporary Food Premises Registration in the State of Victoria and lodge a Statement of Trade advising of their intent to run a temporary stall.

For more detailed information regarding these regulations, contact or 1300 085 767 or your Local Council if located in Victoria.

Certificate of Temporary Food Registration
All exhibitors sampling food and drinks must have a temporary food registration within the State of Victoria. Registrations are valid across all Victorian municipalities. To obtain a Temporary Food Registration please do the following:
• Log onto Streatrader
• Register your food premises by clicking on “Apply for a new registration” and completing the form
• For interstate or international exhibitors, please register your business under the council where the event will take place, which is City of Melbourne.

Businesses that are already registered with a council in Victoria do not need to do this step.

Statement of Trade
Once you have lodged your registration, or for those exhibitors who already have a registration, you will need to lodge a Statement of Trade notifying your council that you will be operating a temporary premise. To do this please do the following:
• Log onto Streatrader
• Lodge a Statement of Trade by clicking on “Lodge a Notification” and completing the form

All Statement of Trade forms must be submitted no later than 5 days out from the show.

Dairy and Meat producers
Dairy & Meat producers will need to register as a temporary food premises in their council area and lodge a Statement of Trade in order to be allowed to sample meat and dairy products on site. Their current registrations with Dairy Food Safety Victoria and PrimeSafe do not cover them for operation of a temporary stall only for their fixed premises.

Alcohol Sampling
Please contact your Event Coordinator for organiser approval and further information about sampling alcohol onsite.

A fee is charged when an exhibitor obtains their Certificate of Temporary Food Registration. The fee charged is dependent upon the council where the food premise is located.

Please Note: Exhibitors who submit forms late risk not being able to sample their products

The following guidelines apply for the distribution of sample servings of food and beverage:
• Sample portions must be of tasting style and size only, no larger than 50g or 50ml
• Samples must be directly related to your core business either demonstrating a food
product or equipment
• Alcohol sampling portions must be no more than 10ml for sprits and 30ml for wine, beer and cider
• Samples must be offered free of charge
• It is your responsibility to be fully self-sufficient in terms of storage and service equipment specific
to your food and/or beverage sampling
• You will be charged for extra cleaning in case of spillage or for the removal of food or wet waste
incurred at your stand.
•Need to have washing facilities on your stand to comply with the Victorian State Government
food and liquor regulations

Cooking on your Stand

Exhibitors cooking food at the show are obliged to adhere to Work Health and Safety and Food Safety Guidelines.

 Work Health and Safety Obligations

Whilst cooking onsite all exhibitors must follow the guidelines stipulated below:

  • The operator to be present at all times during cooking. Cooking equipment is not to be left unattended when in use.
  • A fire extinguisher and fire blanket must be present on the stand.
  • Any naked flame or hot surface must be positioned so that it cannot be knocked over or come into contact with any person or flammable item.
  • Signage is to be displayed adjacent to cooking surfaces when in use to notify public of hazards (e.g. hot surface).
  • Food preparation tools such as knives, scissors etc. to be kept out of reach of public.
  • Equipment to have safety mechanisms in place as appropriate (such as safety switches).
  • Cooking equipment to be maintained in good working order and to be tagged and tested.
  • Cooking must take place in a well-ventilated area. If cooking is likely to create large volumes of smoke, further information is to be supplied.
  • Spills must be cleaned up immediately. Non slip flooring is required in the cooking area.
  • Sufficient and appropriate waste bins must be provided and emptied regularly.
  • A protective barrier such as a sneeze guard that minimise the likelihood of contamination from customers.
  • Single use disposable utensils for sampling of food – do not allow the customer to touch the food.
  • Condiments should be in single use containers or squeeze type containers.
  • Perishable food should be stored in a refrigerated display or storage cabinet.
  • A thermometer must be on site at all times together with food safety program temperature records.

Washing Facilities on Stands

The Victorian State Government food and liquor regulations may require stands handling and serving
food or beverage to have washing facilities on their exhibition stand. All exhibitors supplying and
displaying food as part of their exhibit will be responsible for complying with relevant standards, including
determining the need for washing facilities, which may include the need for separate food washing and
hand washing facilities.

For further information visit the Streatrader website
or contact the Health and Wellbeing department directly on 03 9658 8858 or via email at