Shell Scheme Package & Name Board details

Shell Scheme Packages

Shell Scheme stands include carpet, walls, lighting and a name board. Shell scheme stands are not provided with power. If you require power for your stand, please complete the Power & Lighting order form.

Each area of the show has a different Shell Scheme & Name Board. To find out the exact details of your shell scheme stand, please click on the relevant specifications sheet below.  If you do not know which area your stand is in please refer to Your Stand Details or alternatively contact Event Coordinator who will advise.

foodpro 2020 – Walk on Package
foodpro 2020 – Shell Specifications

Name Board Requirements

The name entered in your Company Profile will be used on your name board, on the show app and within the show guide. Please note this name must comply with the conditions listed below, if it doesn’t comply Diversified Communications reserves the right to alter your name to meet the conditions listed below:

  • no more than 30 characters
  • names listed in UPPER CASE characters
  • company names that feature Co, Bros, PTY, LTD will have their company name shortened to just feature the company name
  • if the name is not provided the name will just feature the company name listed on the contract
  • alteration or removal of the fascia & name board on site will incur an additional cost to the exhibitor
  • Feature shell scheme may have a shorter fascia & name board, therefore fewer characters (including spaces) for the name board. Please refer to your shell scheme package above for details.